Printable LARGE Food Diary

Hi everyone this is for anyone else who thinks the food diaries are too small to write in.

Either will work

Click here to open the PDF form in a new tab
then on your laptop/computer right-click and select "print" that will print two pages on A4 instead of one little A5 sheet (Unless you have a trendy printer like mine that can print double-sided) it will however at least give you a little more room to write your meals and snacks in without trying to be like one of those people who writes a name on a grain of rice hehe.


Click here to download the PDF to your computer then just double click the file to open it and print. That might be the best way if you are going to print these each week.

When you are done if you want you can have a little nosey at this page for my reason for joining Slimming World.